Structures For Cattle Farming and Industry

The company FIOLINI srl designs and manufactures a wide range of hot-dip galvanized steel structures, including: portal frames, single-pitched roofs, double-pitched roofs and structural tie bars. If necessary, the structural design even allows the elimination of a pillar by virtue of the increase of the beam size for augmenting the clear span between two columns. Almost thirty years of experience and our skilled technical office are two features that enable us to to offer our customers custom-made solutions suitable to every need. All the structures are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with current rules (D.M. 14.01.2008 Technical Standards of Construction), thus ensuring absolute safety for stability and durability.

The company FIOLINI srl makes a full range of structures for agricultural use, such as storage sheds for machinery and equipment, grain and fodder and warehouses for the seasoning and the cheese storage. The company is also involved in designing and manufacturing steel structures for the industry; among which includes: cheese and related storage warehouses, industrial sheds for the storage of cereals, buildings for sheltering machinery and equipment, further sheds and mezzanines. If requested, the structures can be supplied complete with infill panels.